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Yaleska Alezsandra Zavala.18 años. Venezuela. Fan de pxndx desde los 8 años, feminista. Enamorada de la vida y de Jason Mraz. Estudiante de citotecnología.

Twitter e Instagram: @Yaleskazl

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"You can actually tell the difference between fake friends and real friends. I have friends all over the world, but very few close friends. My close friends reminds me of who I am and won’t let me live in some high up world. Fake friends worship me like I am some God."

Jason Mraz  (via bornbetweentwosigns)


One of my fave songs :)

"Enjoy your journey. Enjoy your commute. It’s your movie even between takes."

Jason Mraz

(via cedpipe)


"If I wasn’t the fire, how could you stoke me up inside?
If I wasn’t a party, how could you be the life of me?
If I wasn’t a camera, how could you be so photogenic, yeah I said it
If I wasn’t the hands on the clock, would you know that the time was right?"

Jason Mraz (via bakingandtie-dye)

"And it’s okay if you have to go away… But just remember the telephone, oh it’s working in both ways"

Jason Mraz “You and I Both” (via heart-meant-everything)

Photography from Artists Den


There is one part in this song, that just gets to me. 

I actually get so moved I just shut my eyes and aggressively have feelings. 


Once upon a time there was a meeting of minds, the sun and the moon made a deal with the sky. One would take the morning and the other the night, together they would blanket the world with light.
But the moon had a shadow, he felt like a liar. The sun was the only one who carried the fire.
The sun saw this, she kept on glowing, bound to the moon, never saying, “you owe me”

She said “I’ll shine on you”

"Puedes estar tranquilo, pues solo en sueños me atrevo a matar"

(via loquehaymajobeltran)

"Pues yo ya no aguanto más farsas. No lo puedo evitar, sentir que muere mi flama cuando no estás"

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Lascivamente ~


Yo, ahora.